Sit back and let us take care of the hard work for you..

Planning and running email marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be hard work. At NewZend we take care of the whole process for you. Our experienced Account Managers will discuss your campaign objectives and develop an email marketing plan that ensures your promotional offers, news and events get the maximum engagement with your audience. We have the technical skills to get your emails delivered and an in-house team of designers and copywriters that will maximise open rates and click-throughs.

Account Setup

We manage the entire process for you and work with you to provide an end-to-end marketing solution that integrates with your business. We can liaise with your web developer to embed opt-in forms on your website, ensure tracking parameters are enabled so you can track activity via Google Analytics and even design, build and optionally host landing pages when required.

Built for deliverability

All our emails are built responsively and with deliverability in mind. We work with leading ISPs to maintain a positive IP address reputation and provide the DNS records you need to authenticate email sending, on your behalf, from our servers. With years of experience we enjoy some of the best delivery rates in the industry.

We are experts at database management and can help you cleanse, segment and grow your database. And, to maximise campaign effectiveness can split-test campaign subject lines, creative, content and landing pages to ensure the best possible results vs your objectives.

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Campaign options

We plan and execute all types of email marketing campaigns. Including newsletters, promotional marketing emails, event emails and automated email sequences based upon user subscriptions and behaviour. We have in-house designers and copywriters to provide a full-service solution for you and will ensure campaigns are produced on schedule to the agreed plan. We can even design and build landing pages to maximise engagement and opt-ins.

Measurable ROI

We understand that you need a return on your marketing expenditure and provide detailed statistics, tracking reports and analysis to ensure you get the best possible outcomes. We will schedule regular reviews with you to review performance and to ensure the forward plan meets your objectives.

What does the service cost?

Our fees are straightforward and transparent and vary according to the time it takes us to plan and execute your campaign. We start by taking a brief and giving you an estimate of the time involved with providing a managed service that meets your specific needs. When we get into a regular routine we are happy to consider a fixed price monthly fee. Managed service fees exclude transmission fees. We have a range of competitive plans to choose from.

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